It's going to be midnight soon. I've cleared all the things n the kitchen, done up all the gift packs for visitors, packed the hospital bag... as I walk around the house to make sure things are in order, I know that come tomorrow, when Little Josie comes, life is gonna change. It's gonna be a new chapter and we will need time to readjust to lifestyle and maybe everything else in our lives.

midnight... i showered, washed my hair and download worship songs to put into the iPhone so that I can listen to worship songs during my labour. David is still not back yet from the dismantling/setting up of the #bemyprotector art exhibition. i've put a towel and also rubber sheet on the bed so that when water burst, won't wet the bed.

backup my phone now.

Finished shower. 

after this i want to spend some time to read the bible, pray and believe that my ager bag will burst, dilation will open up to 10cm, contraction starts and maybe will be going to hospital in the wee hours of the morning for a supernatural childbirth at Columbia Hospital Bukit Rimau. My tummy is all tighten up now. Not really sure whether is it contraction or just baby stretching. =P

since the beginning of this pregnancy, God has been gracious and wonderful to me.
I don't have water retention at all (just once but after prayer it's gone). Saw a friend today and she's all bloated up hands and feet.. i prayed for her.
We have more than enough things for the baby. old and new but all matches up together that we didn't have to buy much.
David's finance came through last month so that we have reserve the cash for the baby hospital bill.
I don't have much cramps or vomitting ... all according to how i've prayed along with supernatural childbirth book.
God sent us to a good gynae but i pray she will be cooperative with what we believe.

after all these answered prayers, I am now praying that the labour and delivery will also be supernatural. i've to constantly command the fear to go, the body to work its way and baby to be in the right position.

what to do next? all that i can do i've tried my best to finish up.
now? wait. believe.

Mummy and Papa loves you. We are excited to see you.